Pioneer in the world of Hi-NRG electronic music, TRANS-X at the beginning of the 80’s, it marked a clear trend towards the “space” sound within the worldwide High Energy movement, which evolved and at the same time preserved the principles that characterized the style: TRANS-X.

In the 90s, and after the explosion of Dance, at the same time House and New Beat would set the tone for what would become “Trance”, “Acid house”, and “Techno” that would be the sound track of the world “rave” scene, even when increasing the intensity by accelerating the speed in beats, would generate the nascent “Goa Trance” precursor to the incendiary “Psychodelic Trance”, which has reigned and flourished in the early years of the 2000s and will reach its pinnacle in the span between 2006 and 2014, and finding a renewed sound in the next part of its history … towards 2020.


In the year 2021, TRANS-X, manages to merge the futuristic electronic sound that characterizes it, with the trend of the hybrid sound between “Psy Trance” and “Hi Nrg”, as a result, an ensemble that has been waiting for in history is created, Just happen! Merging the intense mathematical trance and the energy of the High, creating with original songs from TRANS-X, new, classics and great covers, the new sound TRANS-X … PSY-ENERGY! This new material was created by Pascal Languirand, produced, developed and covered in Mérida Yucatan, in the “Hangar Sonico” studio by Ramón Serratos and for SKYPARK RECORDS label also based in Mérida. In view of new audiences around the planet, lovers of the global electronic movement, we have ready this fantastic work by TRANS-X and it will be released on 11/11/2021 at 11:11 am on digital platforms around the world….